West/East Renovations

PROD LNG 2We’ve been busy ‘round here. While building our new 24,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art production headquarters from the ground up (just across the street from 204 Studios), we found our stages needed a design update and modernization to keep up.

We knew we wanted to tie the two properties together, creating a Hollywood production campus, so we started our design upgrades by smooth coating and changing the current building color to match the new space across the street. At the same time, we also made some interior build-outs and design changes. Keeping our owner’s Alabama roots in mind and knowing where we wanted to take the studio moving forward, we went with modern country aesthetic. This includes upgrades to our greenrooms, building out a new entrance and lobby, creating a dynamic production lounge area, and carving out a space for our VIP “Corral Room”.

What the heck is a “Corral Room”? We found we were lacking an upscale private room suitable for Hollywood’s most elite talent and VIP. So we built one.


The Corral Room is the epitome of Line 204’s new signature look and the perfect space for table reads (seating 14 at the monster 80SF table), wrap parties, large conferences, presentations, fittings and more. So why’d we call it the Corral Room? Because we’re country. Simple as that.

And we’re not done. We’ve opened up a can of worms here, folks. Please come on by and take a look. We’re proud of what we accomplished so far.





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